Getting Started (RELAUNCH SEPTEMBER 2018)


Here are the simple step by step instructions to less frustration. We want to encourage you to either begin with the FAMILY track, or do it concurrently with one or both other tracks. Because....not only is the family the most important element, if the family system isn't working, it is rather difficult to thrive in the other two systems. Any questions?? Use the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


home business

A personal home business experience that spans one decade, extensive work that has been done with other small businesses, plus two decades of corporate experience equip us to help get you to legacy building.

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In almost thirty years of family life, we have seen the good and the bad...and maybe even a little ugly too. We want to help equip you to live a more abundant family life and to succeed with healthy legacy building.


Home Education

Twenty plus years of successfully home educating our children and advising others about their parent directed educational choices positions us to guide you to appropriate and excellent resources for educational legacy.